Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Research, so far

Celine Dion - Power Of Love

I was on the way to the bookstore this morning. Since I left the apartment, the bible was heavily on my mind. I can't want to do my research. The bible isn't true as it should be. That's the Alien God's honest truth! If God supposed to wrote the bible; how come no one believes his words - ALL OF THEM?

1) What is meat? It is the flesh of the humans and the animals. Plants are not FLESH. I will personally tell you about the "Meat-eating" dinosaurs soon!

2) Where did God come from? Not the heavens, that's for sure! God created the heavens and the earth in ONE DAY. We really don't know of where he came from. As a matter of fact, I do know! In the beginning, nothing was there, just space. That brings us to the Aliens.

3) Today, we called Space: Outer Space or the Universe. God came from space. Really, did I say that? Of course, I did! Who else is from space? The aliens. Since there was no heavens and earth in the beginning; God is a alien.

4) God is a ALIEN. God created man in his image. Hmm, his image? That's makes us aliens too!

I came from the post office, then the book store. I went straight up to the 3rd floor. I looked at the cheap books, nothing to my liking. I searched for the alien/dinosaurs books. There wasn't any, even in the Sci Fi/Fantasy section. I did the next best thing - read the bible! Holy cow, that alien does read the bible! ROFL. Yesterday, I want to get a small bible; mine was too big. I found the perfect bible, A KJV. I preferred NIV bible. This small one will do.

I stayed there for a few hours. I was comparing the bible scriptures to the next. That was tiresome fun! I mostly checked the real deal for the homosexuals! A thought came to me about Sodom. It will change the way we look at Sodom! I will give you that much. No doubt about it; hate mail will be coming to me!

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