Sunday, September 14, 2003

Richard Chamberlain

Chris Issak - Wicked Game

Last night, I learned from a good friend, Liz, in England that Richard will be at Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood at 6 PM on Sept 23, 2003, Monday to sign copies of Shogun DVDs and his book, Shattered Love.

Liz is a very big fan of Richard's. We meet on his web site last month. She came upon my wonderful poem, Time for An Awakening, dedicated to Richard Chamberlain. She sent me an email to talk mostly about Richard. Since then, we became email buddies.

Liz really does keep track of Richard. She emailed me about his appearance on ET, Larry King and such. I mostly get my 411 from Liz! She does know more about him than me. I sent Liz the Larry King transcript; she enjoyed it very much.

I hardly keep up with the stars. Since I moved to Hollywood 8 CRAZY years ago, they aren't stars at all; they are regular peeps like us. I may get star struck once in a while and that's about it! lol

This morning, I looked up the time for Virgin Megastore on Seeing Stars, another fabulous Hollywood web site. The correct time was 7 PM.

Richard Chamberlain will be at Virgin Megastore (8000 Sunset Blvd.) in West Hollywood at 7 PM on September 23, 2003, Monday to sign copies of Shogun DVDs and his book, Shattered Love!

Liz want a signed copy of Shogun. Hopefully, I will try my best to get one for her. Of course, I will get his book for me and.....

And I will give Richard Chamberlain a signed copy of my Time for An Awakening poem. Someday, I will be a famous artist. You guys heard it first! LOL

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