Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Jimmy's check

Donna Summer - The Last Dance

In a earlier entry, I mentioned I ole Jimmy a check, but I want to clear the air right now!

Here is the deal - the honest truth of the low down of the alien! Shhh! I have never recieve his check! Honest to God, I didn't!

Thursday evening, someone knocked on the door. I didn't answer it. I thought it was the apartment manager. The next day, I opened the door. A letter was on the knob. It was from Jimmy.

He wanted to pick up his check on Saturday at 1 PM! Of course, I already made plans - the movies and, hopefully, a friend's house. I didn't want to stick around for Jimmy. He expected the check from me.

Saturday came, I took a shower and went to the movies! Oops, some friend I turned out to be! LOL I spent the afternoon with Peter/Brian.

Hello, it wasn't my problem at all. He could have make other plans few months ago, then he wouldn't be in this pickle! Really, folks, I wasn't responsiable for his check at all.

If Jimmy pester me, I will tell him that I want no part of him any more. I just don't need any nonsense from anyone and I mean anyone!

One thing thou - a lie detector is good as the truth. Jimmy can take that to the bank and cash it! Oops, I already cash the check! Sorry, Jimmy! Better luck next time!

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