Thursday, September 18, 2003

Golds IM

JJ Fad - Supersonic

This morning I got a IM from Golds. I shortened his screen name to protect the innocense; sounding too Dragnet! He wasn't that innosence since he was so nasty to me. hehe

Golds: are you in the DC area? IM me if interested

I was away from the computer. I sent him a very short and sweet email, "Only On AOL."

In return, I recieved a very NASTY email from the loser.

In a message dated 9/18/2003 8:22:45 AM Pacific Standard Time, Golds writes:Stop sending me this crap then!

My email...Huh? Look, dude! You asked "Are you in the DC area? IM me if interested." I just answered your FREAKING question with ONLY ON AOL! Please stop giving me ATTITUDE! Have a nice life!

I tried to send him a response; he already block me off. I wanted to do the same thing after I send the email. I blocked him too! Thanks, God!

I got to warn you, some earthings can be such LOW CLASS JERKS on the internet! I was being nice to him in first email.

Sometimes, being a nice guy doesn't do you any good. Some people will be jerks no matter how nice you are to them.

So much, I wanted to go to the chat room he was in. I was about to let him to have it! Really, I was going to tell everyone, including the loser, to read Earth Journal to get his attention. Hey, he blocked my email. I was sure he did the same thing to the IMs. I need some way to response to his ATTITUDE in the email.

Being nice doesn't mean people have to be nasty to us!

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