Sunday, September 28, 2003

Angelus Temple

Sunday, September 28, 2003

New Order - Blue Monday

I left home for church at 9:10 AM. I decided to walk; it was a short distance. I was way too early. I took pics at Echo Park. I walked around the duck pond till church time. I went upstairs to the second level. There was hardly any seats. I walked up to the seat. I couldn't hardly see where I was going; they turned of the lights. I got to the top; I couldn't see anything down below. I went down to look for a seat.

This one black man was kind enough to show me a seat by two very old ladies. Damn, I didn't want to sit there. I might as well sit down, there may not be another seat close by. I stood for a while, then I sat down. I was sweating from the walk at the pond. The seats was uncomfortable. There wasn't enough space for my legs. Next time, I will sit down below.

I felt like I was at a rock concert. The stage look like a rock stage. The drummers was behind some glass windows. They had big screens everywhere; a big one in the middle and two small ones on the sides. The people on top couldn't see a thing; they watched the screens. I can watch the middle screen, but I watched the pastor from below.

I got a visitor card. I pondered what name to use. I might as well be known by another name at that church, "Tom". I used the po box. The service was nice. The Pastor's sermon was procrastination. I know that quite well; I was Mr Procrastination! I put my life on hold for too long. It was time to do something with my life! I need an active life.

After church, I hung around for a little bit. Damn, nobody talk to me or introduce themselves. I was a completely ghost. I couldn't find the pastor. I saw the head security guy from TBN on Friday night. I went to the first floor. Those seats have lots of space unlike the balcony! I saw the music guy. I just kept to myself. I saw the pastor from afar, but he didn't have time. At least, they have my visitor card. They will get in touch with me, hopefully for volunteer work. I went home.

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