Saturday, September 6, 2003

Macaulay Culkin/Michael Alig

Boy George - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

Tonight on 20/20, the 25th Season Premiere, was an fascinated interview with Mac about his new movie, based on Michael Alig's Club Kid years and the murder of Angel. Party Monster comes out today in the theaters.

20/20 showed a clip of Michael being on Geraldo show. That was the first time I ever heard of Michael and his Club Kids. Their costumes and futuristic names was pure genious. I felt belong to Michael's life, it was an life I want.

I had a strong connection to the Club Kids, it was something I had a need for. Everyone seached for themselves some place, and that place for me was with The Club Kids. I knew I can fit in with them, partying and having fun.

I used to have a screen name with Club Kid on AOL in the late 90's. I wanted so much to be one of them. I didn't have the courage to be a club kid, nor the right connections or the money to move to New York.

It was disappointing that I didn't have a real chance for New York. I know I will be happy being a Club Kid. Instead, I took a chance elsewhere and moved to Hollywierd, the land of the freaks in 1995. It wasn't the same for me. I longed to be a Club Kid. I was drawn to Hollywood all my life.

To this day, I am still searching for my true self. Seeing Michael on 20/20 again after all these years, I still have the need to be a Club Kid. I just want an escape for happiness in the Club Kids World. It was my idealistic perfect world for me.

The Club Kids and other freaks are the ones I was attracted to the most; they have the most exciting life I want to live! The normals peeps wouldn't do a thing for me.

Tomorrow, I will see Party Monster and, perhaps, buy the book at The Grove too! I know that Mac will be excellant as Michael Alig.

I considered Boy George to be one of the first Club Kids ever. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Here is to all the Club Kids, in (hopefully) Michael Alig's own words, "Keep on partying, who know what tomrrow brings." I am not sure they are his exact words, but close ot it. It was a quote from his appearance on Geraldo.

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