Tuesday, September 9, 2003


DJ Encore - I See Right Through To You

We arrived at Target, barely brand new. I like this Target; it was in a nice area. We looked at the ads on the wall. Wowsie! The yahtzee game was on sale! It was a good thing we went to Target, not Getty. I gave him my yahtzee gam. It was meant to be! We ate at Pizza Hut; then off to the toys and games at Target! I couldn't believed we stayed over three hours; I know what Gilligan felt like! We mostly played the games most of the time. The last thirty minutes, we looked at the bikes. Peter rode the bikes in the stores. I played my games! He finally made up his mind; he will get a bike after all.

I brought some games for myself. Starcraft grabbed my attention! I saw that game since my Warcraft 2 days. I was tired of playing Warcraft all the time. I want a new game to play. I also got the new Classic Football 2; I didn't know that game was out. I already have Football and Baseball. Battleship, Yahtzee and Connect Four were the other games!

The bus was coming; we came out on time. The bus didn't have a bike rack. The bus driver let him to bring the bike in. We waited for the Rapid bus. I just realized we took four freaking buses to Target! Damn, is that crazy!! I have never take four buses to anywhere! I mostly take two buses. We caught the regular bus to the subway. We parted ways - they took 156 home. I caught the subway on time! Home sweet home!

I tried Starcraft that evening, despite being tired. I didn't hear the phone rang. Brian left a message - they were too tired to spend the ngiht with me. That was kewl! I continued playing Starcraft till 2 AM! I went to sleep in the nude!

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