Monday, September 22, 2003

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Gareth Gates - Sunshine

I just realized that I started my own online journal last October 2002. I completely forgotten about it. If I knew I started one long time ago, I will be like a hog in a pig pen! Oink, oink! You can start your own online journal at Blog Spot.

A journal is great healing. It will heal your heart in the process. No matter how hard life is, it is fabulous to do one. You may not have no one to turn to, except the journal.

The journal is your comfort through the rough times that you are facing. Your most dark secrets you ever kept, the most heartfelts time you ever had, the most sorrows you ever want to leave behind, the most worse enemies you ever face, the most dear friends that ever grace in your life, it's all in the journal!

The online journal changed the way we look at the journals. We all keep the book journal under lock and key. On the web, everything is out on the open, even your best kept secrets. Of course, my secrets wouldn't be left under the rock. Everyone will be shock! For sure, no one will ever look at me at the same way again.

Always remember - the journal will show how much you grow as a person and learn from life! You will appreciate your life that much more.

I will go back to ScareyKATT and keep doing this Earth Journal!

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