Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Only On AOL

Colour Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up

You wondered what Only On AOL was about. Child, I will tell you. It really got nothing to do with AOL, itself. Here is a IM from this morning. I changed the names to protect the innocense! LOL.

Being in your chat room doesn't mean I was visiting. I lived in Hollywood, so damn cheap to travel! I like chatting with peeps from all over the world. If they ask, I will reply - "Only On AOL."

My commentary is in THE BOLD!

Cutie: Hi

Me: Morning

Cutie: What's up

Me: The day at Barnes & Noble and you?

Cutie: hanging out bored. Downtown here.

Me: I hate downtown. Uptown is much my liking. (True. I was homeless in downtown LA in the first few months I moved there. I didn't like what I saw; still don't! Uptown was my peace away from the horrible trouble.)

Cutie: I am not right downtown, but by Southern Lights.

Me: I have never heard of southern lights. I am not around there. It's still a brand new world for me. (True. I wasn't around. I was never been!) You know how it goes.

Cutie: You know how it goes? I wasn't sure of the question, that's why I asked. (Huh? A question? It was a figure of speech)

Me: Of course. When someone moves, the surroundings are brand new. Therefore, they need to seek out what is there.

Cutie: Are you asking me to show you around, would glad to. (I didn't claim I move or visiting. He just assumed I was. It was Orlando M4M.)

Me: Not today. I need to do some research at the book store. It may take all day. Have a nice day. Bye

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