Friday, September 26, 2003

Neighborly Death

The Eagles - Hotel California

This evening, I found out from Yolando that a neighbor died last Sunday at the hospital. I didn't know that he was that sick and moved from the apartments. I figured someone else took his place. I noticed a lady keep on going to his old place. What do I know? Nothing at all. LOL

Yolano also told me that another neighbor died few months ago, which was news to me. I was in the dark on both deaths! Really, I mostly kept to myself. I hardly chat with the neighbors. I really don't know what is going on in the apartment, let alone, the world! I just don't want to be bother with the neighbors.

A neighbor upstairs sometimes comes down to talk. That is about the only neighbor I talk to. A few times, he uses my microwave. This past week, he cooked some meat. His roomie offered me some food, which I gladly accepted. They cooked quite fagulous. That guy was an odd bird; he nevers says "Goodbye" when he leaves. He just walk out without saying a word! On the way to the store, he always asked "What do I want frm the store?" I said, "Nothing." I really don't need anythng at all. He was a nice guy.

Few days ago, he told me something JUICY about our neighbor, Alex; he was nude in the pics. I knew that for some time. I believed that Alex IM/email to look at his pics; he looked so damn sexy in the nude - Latininla. I couldn't believe it was him at first. I was about to ask him in person or post the pics around the building! The upstairs neighbor confirmed it was, indeed, him! To me, nude pics is ART!

The upstairs neighbor mentioned that Alex dated his old boss AND....I am going to hear from the both of them.....AND he spread some rumors about the upstairs neighbor, but I wasn't paying much attention to him. The moment he told me, I automaticly TUNED him out. It was between them; I don't want to get involved whatsoever. I want no part of any troubles at all.

I emailed the favourite nude neighbor. Maybe, Alex will email me back! He wants to be noticed for his modeling! Why don't give him a shot? He does have the looks to be a model!

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