Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Bus Stop

Del Shannon - The Wanderer

We waited for the bus in the shade. Guess who was on his way home with his asian friend! It was Taylor! I knew I will ran into him. We waved at each other. They walked by. I saw Taylor whispered something to her. It didn't look pretty at all and that was that! lol

Dear old Peter was trying to kill me! He wanted to catch Bus 4 on the other side of the street, heading to the red line. Brian and I didn't want to, the shade was perfect under the trees. Once we across the street, Peter didn't stop trying to kill me! Now, he wanted to catch 304 on Vine/Santa Monica. I didn't want to at all. We was still in the shade. Let's just stay there for bus 4. Peter persauded me. Murderous thoughts crept into my mind! Just kidding, folks! hehe

We caught 304, Red Line, Rapid bus, and finally another bus. After we got off the red line, Peter realized he fogot his keys! I didn't want to go back! He could go back. Brian and I will wait somewhere for him! Nah, he mentioned he wouldn't buy the bike today. We rode on the rapid bus; Peter now want to see The Getty Musuem. I was against it. Target was the plan! He still can buy the bike!

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