Thursday, September 4, 2003

Closed Doors

Loreena McKennitt - Mystic's Dream

Closed doors, what do we do with them? Should they remain closed? It just depends on the situation.

I like closed doors for privancy. Then again, I just don't want to deal with the problems. I knew the problems wouldn't go away at all. I can't handle problems sometimes. They was too much to handle.

I mostly use the closed door to escape the problem. I will lock myself up in the place for a few days till the smoke clears, then I will leave the door open.

It have been like this these past two days. The apartment manager is lurking behind the bushes somewhere! LOL. I may open the door and deal with the problem. I will tell him to talk to the busniness owner. I already said what I want to say in the letter I gave him a few nights back. There was no point of talking.

If I got to be rude, then I will be rude or, perhaps, use the closed door instead.

I hate being coup up in the apartment; it is so damn boring and TOO DAMN HOT behind the closed doors. I like the fresh air coming through my door. I didn't buy a door screen for nothing! I loved the open space. The neighbors will know that I am still ALIVE! hehe

The best thing to do is face the problem heads on. Don't hide behind the closed doors, it doesn't solved anything if you do.

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