Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Discipline Dream

Crucified - Army Of Lovers

Yesterday - I was on the way to the bus stop. Yes, I was that poor that I don't even buy my own monthly bus pass! LOL I noticed that two guys was cleaning the street, both wearing a "discipline" Dream Center black shirt! I found that very odd; "discipline" shirt. That doesn't make any sense at all.

What prompt the guys to be discipline by the Dream Center? It couldn't be volunteer work. No other church I know of does that to the other Christians! I hoped I didn't get into something bad with that place. Damn, what if they discipline me too? Dear Lord! It can't happen. I don't cause any trouble to anyone or trouble attracts me. I stay out of trouble and mostly kept to myself.

I found being discipline by Dream Center very disturbng. It was kinda like a cult of some sort! With the discipline, the center can control the people. I don't think that too much freedom. We all know what cults can do. David Koresh was a perfect example. He controlled his people in Waco; they even died for him! That was so sickening!

If I "volunteer" at the center, I won't wear the damn discipline thirt. I won't give them control over my life. God doesn't control his peeps, he gave us choices! I won't be trap by them. I will be my own man. At least, everyone can read this entry. Hmm, hey, I could go undercover and spill the beans on that "cult" Dream Center! Discipline is some kind of punishment!

I just realized that I saw the same "discipline" people cleaning the streets every few weeks. The next time, I think i will talk to one of them about the discipline shirt. I won't let them sweet talk me into joining the cult. I will play it smoothly and keep my guard up at all times! The main question, "Why do they have Discipline on their shirt?"

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