Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Michael Alig Obsession

REM - Shiney Happy People

"I admit searching "party monster" on AOL Journals...but you take the the obsession to a new level..." - Swirlywand.

Huh? Where did she got the "obession" ideal about Michael Alig and me? I talked about him in my journal a few times and that's about it. A few times doesn't make me so "obsession" about Michael Alig.

I truly found him fascination as much as James St James. They both brought a new world that didn't exsist before. They and their followers are known as The Club Kids, a world I truly felt I belong to. It was such a shame that I didn't move to NYC; I will have love being a club kid as fondly as being their friend.

Michael and James could have made a differance in my life; I will have felt that I belong somewhere with friends. All my life, I was......still outsider that nobody understand. I didn't have that many friends in school; I didn't belong at all. I am an alien to them; this alien was isolated from the world I lived in.

I was in a strange land that didn't accept me for who I was. The moment I saw Michael and James on Geraldo, I knew I found my place among the club kids. I didn't seek out clubland at all; the mothership transported me to Hollywierd, the land of the freaks. I made a choice of following my long time dream in Hollywood, but my heart remained in clubland.

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I was part of the scene back in the Disco 2000 era at Limelight and knew Michael Alig. I understand your point about being accepted and I honestly have to say you have stolen my alien/god theory!!! LOL!

Michael is supposed to be out in 2006....he wrote me in May and i have just sent him another letter a few days ago. An outlaw party should be given!

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