Monday, October 6, 2003

The Date That Wasn't

Ready For The World - Oh Sheila

I supposed to have a date with Sly on 10/4/03. I have no ideal what time he will pick me up. We didn't discuss the time; it was this past Saturday. I assumed it will be after his bike ride in the morning. He needs about 45 minutes to get to LA; he lived in Riverside.

We both agreed to meet on Saturday. I want to get it over with as soon as possible. He wants me to go with him to Big Slur for his bike ride race. I just want to meet him first. Hey, we may not like each other from the get go. I didn't want to go on a trip with an unknown stranger.

Then again, he wasn't a stranger. We met on AOL last month; he was so into this alien species! LOL. I think the trip is fagulous as long we hit it off. I normally don't go on trips with a stranger. Oops, that was a lie! In the early 90's, I met Ralph at a sleazy Dallas club, Big Daddy's. Soon after, he just invited me to go with him to New Orleans for a week. It was my first time to go. I didn't passed up the chance!

I might as well go with Sly to Big Slur. It wasn't any differance between Ralph and Sly. Then another time, I stayed with a black guy for a week after I just met him; no one knew where I was. My roomie filed on missing person report on my ass! Oops!

Damn, I just missed Sly online; played Warcraft 2. I read his email; he took a friend to the ER after the bike accident. He wondered if we were still on. I sent him a email, "I will love to, but I just ate supper an hour ago. I thought u didn't want to eat at a restuarant this evening. The accident changed our plans for this evening. We could do it some other time. It wasn't meant to be."

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