Saturday, October 18, 2003

Oct 18, 2003, Saturday


I didn't want to stay home today. I hoped the MTA strike will be over soon. Being stuck every day sux big time. I finally made the money order to DMV renewal. If I don't do it now, I will miss the expiration date. No, I am not lazy! I just procrastinates! LOL

I wanted to spend the day with Taylor or Miguel. To this day, no friends knows Miguel is still a friend! They wants no part of him whatsoever. I took 603 to Rampart/6th. I walked to Vermont/6th. I noticed the Dash bus across the street. I just didn't want to take it now. I want to rest in the shade for a while. I got the urge to take the Dash anyway.

I got off at Wilshire/Western. I will have got off on 3rd instead; the post office was closed by. Instead, I can do the po after the day with a friend. I called Miguel; Oops, I woke him up. I will call him back. I wanted to call Taylor next, but the Dash bus haven't show up yet. Well, the same bus driver was by. Damn, he already made one trip and I was waiting for my bus. That bus was too slow!

I pondered that I should go to the post office. It looked like the bus isn't coming at all. Once again, the same bus driver was by; this time, I hopped on the bus. I mailed the DMV renewal. I waited for the other bus. The wheelchair lad was still there for the same bus I need to catch. Wouldn't you know it? The same bus driver was by.

I gave up on that bus. I waited for the bus over an hour; it seemed like forever! I got off Vermont/6th. I brought two grade sodas. The casheir thought I cut in line! Hello, the guy ahead of me told everyone to go ahead of him! I walked to Rampart. I got on the back of the bus. Man, the bus was packed. I didn't want to go home. I went to Glendale Galleria for some books. That mall didn't have a book store. I walked down a few blocks from the mall, no book store anywhere. I looked around the mall. Then, I sweated for the bus. I was really out of it, not that much! I went home and rested!

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