Friday, October 10, 2003

Sweet Tan's email

REM - Losing My Relgion

Sweet Tan sent me this email; i think her opinion of Michael Alig is way off.

Self defense or being a drug addict. Michael Alig used people.

He never use people; he was a club promoter and worked at Limelight.

Just like you read about the murder. Well, you'are reading about him. Michael Alig killed Angel because he felt he was better and didn't have to pay for his drugs.

He never felt better than Angel. He didn't pay Michael rent; he helped himself to his drugs. Angel was the GREEDY one.

Michael Alig a role model. What about Charles Manson, Jack The Ripper? They felit like they didin't belong in society either. They felt out of place.

To their followers, James St James and him are indeed role models unlike them. Those two was beyond sick.

Have you tried of going to Gay/Lesbian Center to improve your life or just waiting till a guy gets out of jail. Oooh, maybe he'll talk to me. I'll pay his bills, let him live with me. Then I'll be popular and people will talk to meet me. It that you're about?

This isn't about me being popular. It's about a sense of belonging.

Some people work on themselves; try to improve themselves.

No one takes me serious, nor they understand me. Therefore, I belong in the Club Kids world.

Other people (Losers) will say to themselves: Ooh, maybe if I hang out with the right people; I will be someone. Their whole existence is based on who their friends with.

The nerve of her; she called me a damn loser! Man, she isn't that sweet! I don't have the need to be somebody if I depends on my friends. I much preferred friends with great personality and love. That's what I count on the most.

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