Sunday, October 12, 2003

Oct 12, 2003, Sunday

The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

Nothing really happened today. I woke up about 9 AM. My friends may come over to watch Queer As Folk on Showtime. I can't tape anything from cable; no cable box. I wanted to tape QAF. I spent the day at home; cleaned the apartment. I don't want ther friends think I lived filthy. Child, I am nothing like my aunt. Karlena lived as a pig forever.

I remembered when Karlena lived at my grandma's; her bedroom/bathroom was so filthy. I just can't live that way. Somewhere decent, yet. Totally filth, no way! Her stuff was stack up high; you can't even walk in, nor the closet. You can barely get through the door. You need to climb over things. One time, my mother took pics of her room. Also, we found a dead rat too. As far I know, Karlena is still that way, filthy!

My childhood place, Karlena totally destroyed the house from all her filth. She doesn't care about the places she lived in. The city tored down my childhood place. That is how bad the place was. The last I know few years back, Karlena is doing the same thing to my dead grandma's place. I bet she destroyed that house too. My mom should sue her for destroying her property. My grandma left her house to my mom and the childhood house went to my aunt.

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