Thursday, October 23, 2003

Cable TV


Yesterday, I watched Days on tape; I didn't watch it the day before - the post office. For some reason, the TV went snowy. I thought the cable went out. I don't have the cable's phone number; odd than that, I have no ideal what cable company I have. They didn't tell me. Top it all, they didn't even give me a cable box at all. He connected it to the VCR.

I read for a while till I heard a neighbor's voice. He mentioned he still have cable tv. He hung out for a while, checking his email and such. His friend looked into my place and noticed it was Ron at the computer. He thought Ron was at his place. They talked about old times. Ron's friend claimed we met somewhere before. No, I have never saw him before, not even in a rehab center!

They went back to his place. Damn, Y&R was on. I was going to miss it! I pulled out the toolbox. I moved the TV around. Presto, the VCR wire was lose. I felt silly. I thought it was the cable! I fixed the problem. It was so good; I should have fix it earlier! Ron stopped by again; he watched Y&R too since 1992. I watch it since 1986; Nina and Cricket fought over Phillip. Nina became preggie by him. No one really believed her. Kay and Jill teamed up to get rid of Nina. The truth came out - Phillip was, indeed, the father of Nina's baby.

Today, I checked my messages; Miguel called me last night after 1AM. I was sleeping. He won't have time for us. He will take his sister's family out to eat at California Pizza (Hollywood/Highland). They wanted to talk about his niece; her birthday was coming up next week. I called him a few times throughout the day, he wasn't home.

I got a bill from AAA1 Communications. I just realized it was my so called cable bill. They billed a late fee for missing last month. Hello, I have never recieved it nor I had the phone number. The bill is $53.98. I was pretty upset. I won't pay for the damn cable. Why should I pay for something I don't have?

Yes, I have cable, BUT I only have a few cable channels - Lifetime, IFC, Showtime, AMC. Wow, only four channels for $21.99. That's $5 a pop! Like I said, I won't pay the bill. Waterloo Apts supposed to have a SPECIAL cable package, more like a steal! Then again, they are ripping us off big time. We have never got a cable box at all.

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