Monday, October 27, 2003

Jeffrey Woodard


(West Palm Beach, Florida-AP) -- An 18-year-old student is suing a private Christian school in Florida, alleging he was expelled three days after he told a teacher he was gay.
Jeffrey Woodard says a teacher pulled him out of Bible class at Jupiter Christian School in West Palm Beach and asked him in confidence if he was gay.
Woodard says that when he answered "yes," a school official called his mother and told her that Woodard couldn't attend an upcoming school retreat unless she and her son met with the school to talk about his homosexuality. ` His mother says the school told them that Woodard could get counseling for his problem, voluntarily withdraw from the school or be expelled. A gay rights activist in Tampa concedes that the school didn't break any law by expelling Woodard, since "discrimination based on sexual orientation" isn't illegal in Florida.

I came upon this article in a forum. Come on now, that isn't right! Jupiter Christian School CLAIMED it wasn't discrimination. Hello, the teacher EXPELLED Jeffery for being gay. They discriminated him for being gay.

Yes, the so called Christain school is private. If someone pay good money for a private school, they have the right to take them to court for ANY discrimination!

The school can't denied his school work; they let their chirstian beliefs interferred with his schooling.

Jupiter Christian School must be ashamed of themselves for MISTREATING another christian who happens to be gay.

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They rightfully should have expelled him.!!!!!!! It is their school they make the rules. If you don't like it go to another school.!!!!!!! Just because it is a "Christian" school they should go by the "Christian" way. And they did. It states in the bible that it is a sin. So why would they not try and council him through this.

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