Thursday, October 9, 2003

Thursday, Oct 9, 2003

REM - It's The End Of The World

Yesterday, I shopped for groceries at Vons. Miguel, my ex, called me; he has mail for me. He told me that I can come over at Noon today.

This morning, I woke up early about 5 AM for some strange reason. I checked my IMs. Vic sent me an IM; "Limelight and Michael Alig." I was about to send him an email; Vic sent me an IM; we talked for a while. He wanted me to meet someone; she knows Michael quite well. We said goodbye.

I watched Lifetime for a while; Designing Women, Golden Girls, Nanny & Mad About You. I felt like crap. I didn't want to wait till Noon. I went straight to Hollywood/Highland. I called Miguel; "Highland." He said I can come over. I knocked on his door. He didn't invite me in; He gave the letter and a bag! That bag mean one thing; our relationship is OFFICALLY over. Good riddance!

I was still feeling sick. The cold weather got to me out of the blue. I checked the bag at the subway; my shoes I left behind one year ago. I went straight home. I turned on the TV for my soaps and checked the IMs; two was from Vic and his friend. I sent them both emails; I will talk to them later. I checked her profile/web site. She is beautiful. I noticed Alien God on her web site. Then I checked out the journal. Hmm, a comment!

"I was part of the scene back in the Disco 2000 era at Limelight and knew Michael Alig. I understand your point about being accepted and I honestly have to say you have stolen my alien/god theory!!! LOL! Michael is supposed to be out in 2006....he wrote me in May and i have just sent him another letter a few days ago. An outlaw party should be given!"

I am interest of knowing her. We have the same theory about God; at least, we aren't alone in this world. Like I said before, our BELIEFS made us to be the person we are today. We will get along fabulous. We had something else in common besides Michael Alig.

I thought this was gonna be a short entry. LOL Well, I am still not feeling well. I am hot, cold, hot, cold and blah. I am heading back to bed. The Golden Girls will keep me company! hehe If I don't get better by tomorrow, I will see the doctors. Laters, guys!

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