Monday, October 20, 2003

Oct 20, 2003, Monday

Enya - Caribean Blue

Hello, I was planning of going to the post office this morning. I got up about 8:30 AM. I watched a little TV. An hour later, it was getting hot. So, I put the po off for another day. I saw the New Joe Millionaire on Regis/Kelly. He impessed me with his personality. He is always polite, saying "Yes, Sir, ma'am or whatever your name was." I figured I will hate him in the beginning; I just don't like cowboys, nothing personal against the cowboys. He wasn't my cup of Joe!

Top it all, I won't even watch this "Cowboy" Joe Millionaire. His personality won me over. He was on the front cover of New York Post with no shirt! He has a beautiful body. Hmm, something else we can look forward to! He was friendly and kind, any women will want him! He will plug Joe Millionaire throughout the day; he has no ideal what other shows he will be on. He will be on Ellen. Sorry, Joe! Oprah is on that time! Of course, he will be on ET and Access Hollywood.

Since I postponed po; I finished up burning some CDs. I started yesterday. Damn, I had lots of songs I downloaded from the web. I probably used about 20 CDs. I have been waiting to burn the cds over a month. I procastinated too much! I really need to START doing things right away. Procrastinating is an easy way to be so lazy. Hey, I want an productive life. So far, nothing is coming my way.

After the Cds, I used the computer system recovery. I had some problems with the pc. I put all the songs on CDs, documents on disks and my pics on the web. Even the recovery didn't work. I did it wrong about two times! I read the instrution book. Oops, I forgot to use F10, then things will get back to the very beginning of the computer. The third time's the charm! Then, I reinstalled all my programs and games I had before, not everything yet. Just a few to get me started. Who are we kidding? I will procrastinate! LOL

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