Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Oct 21, 2003, Tuesday


It took me FIVE Dash buses and about three hours to the post office. I left at 8 AM. The bus wasn't that pack. I got off at Rampart and walked to Vermont. I took the bus to Wilshire; most of them got off at 3rd. At the end of the line; I could always get a seat. We picked the people up on 3rd; no one noticed I got on the bus before them.

I walked up to Sunset. I caught the bus to Hollywood. Less people rode this Dash bus. I got off La Cienega and walked in the shade to the post office, then Beverly Center. I might as well look at the new books. I stopped by Kay Bee for the new Mario game; I was a week earlier.

I went to Brentanos; they had the new TV book. I wanted to buy it, wrong book store. Then I went to Borders. I read the TV book; Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor. That was good enough to get the book! I waited in line, there was one cashier. One more finally showed up. I brought out the Barnes/Noble card to save money. He mentioned it was the wrong one. Huh? I was at Borders. Oops! I brought the book anyway.

I thought I was at Barnes/Noble, but it closed down across from the mall. They moved to the new mall, The Grove, on Fairfax. If I didn't buy the book, it will be 6th bus. So far, I took FIVE buses so far. I need to take FIVE buses back home. I waited for the bus at La Ceinega. I sat down to rest from all the heat and the sweat. The heat got to me at every bus stop. I felt like I won't make it throughout the day.

I called Miguel at Hollywood/Highland. He mentioned he took the taxi to work or some worker takes him there and home. He was glad I called him. I missed his call last week. I thought I could stop by for a visit. I need a cool place to rest. He didn't have time for an visit; he was about to get ready for work. He wants to see me this Thursday. I doubt it very much. If we have the heatwave, I will stay home. Damn, the bus on the other side went by three time. We waited for the bus over an hour in the heat!

We stopped at Hollywood/Vine. The bus driver was late. Another bus came up behind us. The bus driver mentioned to get on the other bus, but changed his mind. Along Fountain, we caught up with the other bus; those passangers got on our bus. Now, it was pack! I got off Sunset. I waited for another 30 minutes. I got of Wilshire to Vermont. I got candy and mountain dew at Walgreens. I haven't eat all day. I was home by 5 PM. I didn't feel the well from the heat.

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