Thursday, October 2, 2003

October 2, 2003

Annie Lennox - Walking On Broken Glass

I went to see Alex at Path about DWP. I just signed in and waited over an hour. I saw Sam was still working there. Sam didn't saw me. Alex didn't came to the waiting area for the peeps. I wondered what's up with that. I checked things out in the hallway by getting a cup of water. Yes, I was one sneaky fox! LOL I noticed they blocked the window; nobody could see the desks. I went back to the waiting area and asked for Alex. The workers didn't have the slightest ideal who Alex was. It was before their time; they are new.

This friendly black worker (who I forget his name) asked me if I remember him. Yes, I do. He wondered why I was there. I explained that I want to visit Alex; I have no clue she doesn't work there anymore. He confirmed she doesn't. I mentioned I don't need any help. I went on the way to the subway, pondering to pick up the mail or find the bag. The train arrived from downtown; I took it to Vine/Hollywood.

Much to my surprised, I ran into Robert, who picked up his meds. We were happy to see each other. He loked different, goat tee and skinny. We talked for a while - 1) the computer just died; he will take it to Gateway. He had one month left on the service. 2)Taylor has a new boyfriend. His business partner embezzled some money from their company. Huh? Where did Taylor got the money to start his own company? None of his friends have that kind of money. 3) I will finally get new teeth in two weeks; the other dentist didn't do their damn job. I supposed to get it last year. They are so lazy! 4) Sean was still moving. He was being hateful to Robert; Sean wants to fool around with other men behind Robert's back. Robert doesn't care; he knew that for a while! 5) Robert mentioned he print out the DWP email, I explained i won't get credit. He will do his best to fix the problem for me. Seven months will help me in the long run!

I picked up my mail; cashed the check, paid the gas bill; Kmart for shaving cream and something to remain bald - I forget what to get! Then I got a money order at Lucy's for rent and finally home! I just found out in the mail that my rent went down. Oops! There was nothing I can do about the money order! LOL I was too tired from Today's runarounds! I mostly relax and watched TV! That was my day! So, how was your day?

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