Sunday, October 26, 2003

Oct 26, 2003, Sunday


I decided to get rid of the cable. I sent them a letter, "Please cancel my cable. I have never recieve a cable box or the speical package you promised. I have four cable channels - Lifetime, IFC, AMC and Showtime. Furthermore, I won't pay the bill." It wasn't worth the money.

I found the nearest po; few blocks from Vons. I ran into a neighbor on the street. He was shocked to see me outside; he always see me at my place. He mentioned his roomie was shopping. I stopped by to chat with him. He was happy to see me.

Rite Aid had no bread whatsoever. I mailed the letter. I walked in the shade again. A fire truck came roaring down the street & cut through Vons parking lot. Someone need medical help. The strikers observed the action on the street.

I saw my chance; I brought bread for .99 cent. I saved $1.10 with the card. Yes, I crossed the picket line! I was a bad guy! LOL. I hoped for some kind of trouble. I will bring up the MTA strike. Then someone would say, "It is not my problem." Of course, I will shake their hand, "practice what you preach." Oh well, that didn't happen. I came out, the workers was back. A lady said "Hi." That was nice. I went home. Another neighbor, Ron, didn't believed I shopped at Vons. He use the microwave for popcorn. I explained that we got to eat.

A while later, Mike C showed up; he was on call - Sundays was slow. He wanted to see Urban Cowboy; my friend had the movie. He checked his email. He need $20; I didn't have it on me. He mentioned he was sexual active; he felt like he was HIV +. He wasn't scared. I wasn't shock or surprised; I was wild back then. I went to the Zone every weekend when we lived on La Brea.

We saw Mildred Pierce for a short time. The neighbor I saw at the store dropped by; he love Mildred - he didn't have the time to watch the movie with us. We watched Moulin Roule. He took a small nap. He left and came back; he didn't want to go home. He stayed for a little while, then went home.

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