Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Oct 14, 2003, Tuesday


Nothing much happened today; the boredom lives on!

I checked my phone messages; I returned Peter's phone call. We caught up, mostly about the strikes. It took Brian about SIX hours to go to college, mostly by the DASH buses. Peter doesn't know how Brian will get home tonight. If I was someone else, I will stay home during the strikes. It will get on my nerves trying to find a way to get somewhere. Brian might come over this evening which I doubt; somehow he got two flat tires on his bike. I think he ran over something.

Peter mentioned he watched Barbara Streisand on Oprah. He also loved Ellen too, it is very good. I watched the Ellen few times; I liked it very much. I don't have time for Ellen. I either watch Oprah or The Golden Girls at 3 PM. If Oprah doesn't interest me on that day, I will see my girls!

Well, I am thinking about walking halfway to Vermont/Sunset, then take the DASH bus to the dentist this Thursday. Or I take another route up there; walk by 101 to Western and contunie walking up there. Maybe, I take a cab, but they will be tie up at this moment. The news mentioned that people will pay $5 or $10 for a ride with strangers! Forget that! I won't do that at all. I will take the cab instead. We just can't trust some strangers whatsoever.

It depends on what I feel like doing - walking or just stay home from the dentist. What if they are not at work either. People has troubles getting to work. I can't walk that long; I get tire so fast that I won't be able to make it! I think it will take about TWO hours to the dentist. The appointment is at Noon; I have to leave by 9 AM. Of course, I will take a water bottle. Days like these, it is always best to bring some water.

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