Monday, October 6, 2003

Why On Earth?

Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire

This morning, I stayed in NYC M4M Now chat; I knew someone will IM me about Michael Alig. Hey, I got nothing to lose. Michael lived in NYC; he still know some people in the area. I was bound to talk with someone sooner or later. I got an IM from East4Fun, "why on earth would you want to write to Michael Alig???" We did the email thing for a while.

No special reason. I like him since I saw him on Geraldo. He seems interesting to know. I wished I tape the Geraldo episode with the club kids! I always wanted to be like Michael.

You wanted to be a drug addicted murderer??? I used to be friends with him before he went crazy. I was one of the club kids. He used to be a lot of fun back in the day.

I don't mean a drug addicted murderer, just a club kid. The club kids had so much fun. I heard lots of stories of the Limelight and Michael. I wanted to go clubbing at Limelight, but I have never had a chance for the Limelight or be a club kid. Yesterday, I finally saw Party Monster with a friend. I really like them movie very much. Last month, I saw Mac and Michael on 20/20. Michael's life still interests me after all these years.

The movie was a chronological nightmare - totaly out of order. It really wasn't as much fun as it seems. The free ecstacy was nice through. :) I wish I had an excuse to dress up these days.

Have you ever saw the Party Monster documentary? It came out in 1998. I wanted to see that too. I may get the book by his friend, James St James. Drugs never interest me whatsoever. I reall don't need drugs for a mess up life. hehe. Well, babe, we alwyas have Halloween. LOL. Maybe, I should be a club kid this halloween! Hmm, just call me "Michael's sick tristed twin" for Halloween! lol

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