Friday, October 10, 2003

Where's The Scandals??

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

It's all about me and then some! Gossip! Scandals! Juicy bits! Fun facts! Even the BIZARRE!

Where's The Scandals? Yes, I promised you some scandals about yours truly. The scandals will knock everyone off their feet. Perhaps, the police may come a knocking! I did some gruesome acts in my lifetime, nothing compared to Michael Alig, Amy Fisher and others. I came pretty close to their scandals. Then again, I was beyond trouble in my youth. I was somewhat destruction, yet I was still an Angel in everyone's eyes.

What's the first scandal I want to tell you? Hey, why don't we begin with my ex? We all know about him. I never mentioned to him or anyone about my HIV Status. Some friends knew, but I kept it away from Miguel! Even my friends didn't tell him either.

Say what? You hear it right! I never told Miguel in the beginning. I didn't want to - EVER! Some things was better left being unsaid. Why? Some people doesn't want to be involved with a HIV + person. I didn't want to take that chance. I wanted to be love no matter what. I wouldn't say I was desparate for love.

It doesn't matter if he knew about it or not. Hey, we met at the BATHHOUSE! He could have it before we met. We know what really happens at those kind of places, unsafe sex! We took a risk for love; we didn't care or ever talk about it before we moved in together. Love knows no bounds.

The day happened, he just got out of the hospital. In bed, we discussed about our lifes. He told me that he was HIV +, even his family still doesn't know about us. He wondered if I will leave him. I promised I wouldn't. He wanted to take an HIV test. I will, but didn't. A week later, I lied to him I took one and I FINALLY revealed I was HIV +. At least, he now knows the truth, but not all the truth! We hardly had safe sexl There no need for it.

To some people, not disclosing my HIV status to Miguel in the beginning is attempted murder. Was it?

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