Friday, October 17, 2003



This morning, I checked the posts in UFOs/Aliens forums; Now, this damn fool JOINED in trashing the alien bandwagon in the forum! Man, what happened to RESPECT?

All I can say is that if you are going to go ahead and copyRIGHT something, you ought to get it copyREAD first. I mean who would WANT to copy something as inane and so chock full of mis-spellings and grammatical blunders as that? For one, the word "mention" in the 6th line. . needs to be made into it's past tense equivalent, "mentionED". The next one I can see in the 8th line "seven" should read "sevenTH". I've got several more, but I'll save them until you're willing to pay me to do your own dirty work for something that does'nt really even meet the minimum standard to be called "poetic". Copyright THIS!!

This forum is about Aliens and UFOS,

Not trashing someone for their ART WORK!

Furthermore, you could have send me an email!

This forum is not a PLACE to cause trouble for the others!

Not everyone is GREAT writers like William Shakespear. As long they get something out of my art work, then I am fine by it. There was no reason to trash me online.

If they want to HELP me, please be nice about it. Empathdrago1 was downright rude!

Top it all, the only place I will TRASH the lowlifes like Suziebloo, Rugr22 AND the fool himself, Empathdrago1 is my EARTH JOURNAL!

No matter what, I'm just DEFENDING myself in this journal!

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