Monday, October 13, 2003

MTA/Vons Strike

The Cardigans - Lovefool

I didn't do anything; that's the boring story of my so called life.

So, I will talk about MTA and Vons strike. Grocery store workers went on strike late Saturday amid disputes over health care coverage. The strike LOCK OUT Ralphs and Albertsons, whatever that means! Yes, I will cross the picket lines! No strike will turn me away. Hey, we got to buy groceries and ride the bus. When the times comes, I will get some groceries at Vons. Vons strike is on it's second day.

Vons is the main store I get my food; it is also the closet store by my place. Since MTA will go on strike by Midnight tonight, I will keep on shopping at Vons. I don't want to go elsewhere for the groceries. Both strike effects our daily lifes; we all can't live without both of them. We need the buses to get places like Vons or Ralphs.

Most friends ride the MTA; some goes to school faraway from home. I remembered the last time in 2000; I got around easier. I had a car. This time, it is different. I have to take bus. My denist appointment is this Thursday, Oct 16, at Noon. I may not make it afterall. I will have no ride, assuming the MTA will be on strike. I may cancel the appointment. I will be stuck like the rest of them. In a way, I was glad I don't volunteer somewhere. Hey, I may take a cab to the dentist and visit my friend, Taylor, closed by for the whole day. Perhaps, a movie with him. Then, I will take the cab at night.

Who gets hurts the most from the strikes is the CUSTOMERS! Yet, we got to SUFFER right beside the workers!

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