Monday, October 6, 2003

Party Monster 10/5/03

20 Fingers - Short Dick Man

Last month, I mentioned I wanted to see Party Monster with Macaulay Culkin. I wasn't sure about that movie; Brian told me that it wasn't that good unless the movie interest me. The heck it did! I love Michael Alig! I wanted to be just like him! He is what I need in my BORING life.

Yesterday afternoon, Mike called me about Party Monster at ArcLight Cinema; Boy, God gave me another chance! He picked me up during All In The Family after he washed clothes. We took the highway to Sunset. He showed me that the former Fox 11 building was tore down! DAMN! That was new. I didn't know they will do that. A new high school will take its place. We parked on the street by the banks. Double DAMN! I just realized the building is up on Vine/Sunset. Man, they do fast work! Triple DAMN! I need to get out more. I was missing alot in LA! See, my life is so freaking boring!

He got us tickets, popcorn and coke! We sat in the middle, my fave area. Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green was excellant! For sure, I will get it on video, maybe I buy the book too. I still want to see Party Monster documentary some day. I was happy that I finally saw Party Monster. It was, by far, the best return to the movies for Mac. The moment I heard he was coming back, I wanted to see that movie since Day one!

I was really lost touch with the world. I hardly know the happenings in town. That is the story of my life. Last month, I realized on 20/20 that Mac will be Michael Alig, the same guy I haven't hear anything about since the last time I saw him on Geraldo. I don't keep up with the news at all. The news is depressing. I mostly like shady characters like Amy Fisher, Michael Alig and others. I was drawn to those kind of people.

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