Sunday, October 19, 2003



I checked the posts in UFOs/Aliens forum. EndOfDaze responded to Empathdrago1...

you have a point. if 'alien' is going to use an entire "poem" as the signature in every post, alien could at least fix the horrible grammatical errors throughout it. for christsakes alien, PUNCH IT UP ALREADY!

I response to EndOfDaze

"This is for everyone.

If they want to HELP someone, please be nice about it.

There is NO REASON to be downright rude!

As I mentioned before, English wasn't my favourite in school.

Let go back talking about UFOs/ALIENS!"

I truly felt like Michael Jackson for the first time in my life. Why can't they leave me alone?

I wasn't the best in English class. For cryin out loud, I was in special ed. Some people have "special needs," but people want to be mean and nasty!

Yet, the people was trying to find FAULT with me. Hello, not everyone is perfect at everything in life! That's part of life.

We have better things to talk about.

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