Saturday, October 4, 2003

Oct 4, 2003, Saturday

Billy Ray Cyrus - Archy Breaky Heart

This morning, I got up early....all lies, Mary,all lies.....really,I woke up at the normal time I always do!I checked my email; "R u up?" from Sly. I was too busy playing Warcraft 2 till 1 AM.I tried to wait up for Sly for a quick chat. I got down and dirty with Warcraft! I missed him online.
So, I send him a few IMs; he was still bike riding. I have no ideal of the time he want to pick me up today. I waited till 10:30 AM then I left for my mail. I got the Being Alive Calender; Hmm, I think I checked out the events. I hardly go to any of them. The last time was with Paul last summer at the picnic in the Weho park.

I got on the 304 bus to Fairfax; I just didn't want to go home. It was early in the day; the weather was great for The Grove. I used the restroom at Barnes & Noble. I saw the sign with Victoria Rowell, Dru from Y&R; she will be there for a Diagnosis Murder book signing this Tuesday. I may go for some pics of her!

I searched for the bag all over the mall. Gap has a pretty good bad. I didn't like the design. So, I went to Rose For Less and Kmart again. No luck whatsoever. I took the bus to the subway then the Latino place across from Union Station for the bag. Still, I had no luck. I mostly saw purses. For a few minutes, I saw the indians danced. I noticed that they danced on their feet, no shoes! Damn, I just couldn't do that. My feet will hurt shortly!

I went home to rest. I was so tired from walking; my feet hurts! Today like yesterday, I got Tetris three times! I was quite good at Tetris now. The Tetris will take me over 30 minutes tops! I played Warcraft 2 as I rested!

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