Saturday, October 4, 2003

Old Journal

Robert Miles - Children

Old Journal is finally on the web since last week. I forgot to mention it! Oops!

The old journal was based on my so called relationship with my ex lover. I did the journal for one sole reason - reaching out for some kind of help. Our love was fading fast which really drove my insanity and happiness up the wall! It gave me an outlook outside of the relationship on the web.

The journal was what I need during the rough times; it was my peace and comfort. I didn't want to bother my friends with the problem. They couldn't do that much for me. Few people online told me that I should move out. I wished I can. I don't have that kind of money to afford an apartment. So, I was stuck with him for the time being.

At the end, Miguel was in a terrible car accident for the upteenth time. He lost the car, his job at Party Staff and the apartment within three months time in late 2001. Thanx to him, I became homeless once again. He moved in with his sister in Whittier.

I was so desperate from getting away from him. I lied to his family that I went to San Diego with a friend, Richard. Sometimes, we need to lie! That is the God honest truth. The hell he put me through, I want no part from him any more. I didn't want to be homeless in LA again; I moved to SanFran for a week. SanFran was tougher than I thought. I went back to LA to start all over.

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