Friday, October 24, 2003

Aliens Among Us


Aliens Among Us
By Kazz Falcon

I came from a far, far away place
I changed my identify including my face
I couldn't adapt the new surroundings for a while
People wondered about the truth from The X Files
How would they react by us?
I came in peace; we were dying from our home world
Earth was our new hope for survival
I need to be like them
People wouldn't know the difference
I transformed into a human
So far, they didn't suspect a thing
Then again, the government hid Roswell from their people
They must know about some thing about us
I must continued to act human as much possible
Why can't they leave us alone?
I mean no harm; I want to be left alone
I could offered this world a lot
I know more than they do about the universe
I can't show the real me
They would freak out, perhaps a manhunt
I really hope not, I feared for my safety
Many decades passed, they still want answers about Roswell
I wouldn't speak up
My life depends on earth
I really want my people to live in peace

Copyright ©2003 Kazz Falcon

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You are insane... can I just tell you that! Thanks! Bye :P

Comment from savingtheday88 - 10/26/03 11:10 PM

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