Sunday, October 12, 2003

Oct 11, 2003, Saturday

South Park - My Name Is Timmy

I called Peter/Brian on the way to the bus stop. They already had plans, Brian's mom. Peter mentioned they should have leave early in the morning. It probably take them 2/3 hours on the bus. They will get home so late. Brian wondered how I was doing; we haven't talk in a while. They have been too busy with school. I invited them to spend the night tomorrow. I told them that I have cable now; Showtime! You know what that means! QUEER AS FOLK!

It's too bad that Queer As Folk is taking a break; I will tape those episodes when they returns. I haven't watch Season two. I watched Season One earlier this year. Brian/Peter brought the tapes over for me. My God! That show is addictive. I just can't get enough. All the characters I love, mostly the rebel, Brian! I want to have friends like them. I like the music too. GOOD NEWS! I just checked QAF schedule on Showtime! QAF returns tomorrow at 10 PM! Brian/Peter want to watch season three too.

They like Whoopie & Happy Family; those shows wouldn't last. No one is interest in them. They won't be on during November sweeps; signs of cancellation! I don't care for those shows. The main Tuesday show I watch is Frasier till American Idol and 24 returns to Fox.

I picked up my mail, paid for the PO box for a year, hang out at the book store for a while and brought myself another heater at Kmart for the bathroom. I was tired of taking the heater back and forth to the restroom! The heater worked pretty good. I waited for my money from the cashier; he didn't have any $20 on him. I got home, relax and played Warcraft. That was basicly my day!

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