Monday, October 20, 2003

Joe Millionaire & Skin

Enya - Orinoco Flow

Well, Fox has two huge hits on their hands! I watched Joe Millionaire and Skin; both looked very awesome in their debuts! Joe started off with the original Joe Millionaire, then flashforward to the present Joe. Of course, Paul Hogan, the butler was back; he promised lots of twists and turns. All dating reality shows have that in their own reality! TNT make the shows quite interesting!

For Love OR For Money pulled it off two with both editions last summer! Since For Love pulled it off both times, Joe will go even further with the twists and the turns! For Love is really an carbon copy of Joe. Both shows are the same but different. On For Love, they contestants didn't know about the money; he wants to be sure they was in it for love or for the money. On Joe, the millions is a big lie. Will the women want him after they found out about the lie?

The new host of Joe mentioned to the women that he was a cowboy. Boy, they freaked out; none of them like it at all. Then, she brought up the lie; Joe was worth of $80 million, his inheritance from the family's oil! The women was singing the Dallas tune! That was classic! Now, the women was interest in Joe Millionaire once again! Paul taught Joe about the high lifestyle; Joe must referred Paul as "Yes, Paul." Paul does works for Joe!

Joe got himself an "Hurrican" horse; the other horses wasn't his liking. He felt connection to Hurrican. Paul work the girls early in the morning for the second morning in a row; the girls hated getting up early. Tough luck! They ate breakfest. Paul told them Joe will be there shortly. They got dressed. Paul took them to the front yard. Here comes Joe Millionaire on Hurrican. He introduced himself; then he took off again. A girl wondered why he didn't want to girls to introduce themselves.

Oops, I must talk about Skin right fast; I don't have enough space in this entry. The teens met up at party. The girl had some trouble with her boyfriend. They got into a fight. The teens took off in the boyfriend's car. They ate at a restaurant; got to know each other. They didn't knew who their parents were and so forth. Things went pretty quick, it was an jam packed episode! Adam and Jewel fall in love before realizing their parents are at war over the adult entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

To see it again, the SKIN reruns is Fridays at 9 PM on Fox.

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omg .. i so missed the new joe millionare.. hehe thanksfer tellin me what went on :-)

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