Monday, October 27, 2003

Oct 27, 2003, Mon


This morning, Miguel called me. He just checked in with me. He cleaned his place and mop the floors. He put too much stuff in the mop water. His eyes became too teary, he opened the windows and went out to get some fresh air. He decided to call me about it. He needed to kill some time.

Well, Y&R and B&B wasn't on today. Boo hoo. The news stuck with the wild fires in California! Drats! I was so sick of the news. We won't be able to watch regular TV in the next few days. I want my soaps back! Boo hoo. Days and Passions was on today! At least, I got to watch them. Everyone needs a break from the news. I have never like the news; it is too depressing to watch!

This evening, Mike called me during my favourite show, That 70's Show. He wanted me to do an horoscope reading on the web for him. People, I am not into horoscopes. I have never did a reading before; I wasn't interest of learning at all. It don't fancy me. I don't believe in any of that.

Anyway, back to the reading. I ended up on a wrong site; I mispelled it. Astrology is pretty good about the signs; Mike used it all the time. I looked up a date and time about his boss. He wondered if he should quit his job. Hello, he just asked his boss for an advance and now he wants to quit! He started the job about two weeks ago. His boss doesn't treat his employers right.

I didn't know what I was doing with the reading; the signs and the chart is confusing. Mike showed up when I talked to Miguel; he was happy to hear from me. He told me an story about "someone," how much he loved that person. He started to cry, he still wasn't over me. He does want me back. We can be friends for now. It wasn't a good ideal to get back together. He was still hurting; I left him over a year. I couldn't take it anymore. If I was there, I will give him a big hug, just an friendly hug! Nothing more, nothing less.

I noticed I didn't tape Joe Millionaire! Damn me! I set the timer but forgot to put the tape in! I watched Fear Factor with Michael! Mike can't believed the things they do on that show!

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