Monday, October 6, 2003

Brian Orter

Spice Girls - 2 Becomes 1

This morning, I searched for something to read about Michael Alig, the king of the Club Kids. After the movie I saw yesterday, I wanted to know more about him; some news articles. Damn, it was hard to get information; most web sites was about the movie, Party Monster!

I hoped I could find something with Michael and Geraldo Rivera; even that, I failed miserable! With Geraldo, it could shed some light on Michael! Boy, I was wrong. There wasn't nothing about those two together! Michael got my attention on The Geraldo Show and ever since then, I wanted to be like Michael. It was such a shame that I didn't tape the Club Kids episode. I think I write to Geraldo for a copy of the episode.

What this got to do with Brian Orter? Well, Michael and Brian has a strange connection through Party Monster! It's even stranger with Anne Rice being involved! Got that? LOL The search came up with his website. I clicked on the link. Wow, he was also hired to do publicity stills for the independent film 'Party Monster', the real-life story of New York club kid turned killer Michael Alig. For the shoot, Orter recreated one of Michael Alig's original party promotion posters with the film's stars Maculay Culkin and Chloe Sevigny.

I read that Brian lives with his boyfriend, the best selling novelist Christopher Rice, and divides his time between LA and New York. I was curious about Chris. I clicked on his site. Low and behold, I was way beyond suprised! Anne Rice's web was there too. It dawned on me that Anne Rice is Chris' mother! I knew her son was gay; some friends told me. I sent Chris and Anne an email separately. They won't get back to me anytime soon. They both have busy lifes unlike me.

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