Friday, October 17, 2003

Days Of Our Lives


First, I want to get James E Reilly out of the way, then I will talk about the so called serial killer. Here it goes! I like his writing since the Susan/Kristan days, the good ole days! I hate him for MISHANDLING Tony and Jack in real life. He don't like either of them in real life, he has a big ego! He fired them TWICE! Some fans is taking it too personal about the firings.

James can't please every fan all the time. He does have a job - Days' head writer since the summer. He's in charge of the characters and the storylines. Therefore, he needs to ends some storylines and start new ones; just like the characters. All soaps needs to be new and fresh; not relied on old storylines. If the soap becomes stall, some fans will move on to another soap.

Now, the serial killer storyline.......What on God's green earth James is doing to Days? Some felt like he is destroying the soap! Some fans were pist off about Abe, Jack, Maggie, Caroline and other beloved old characters! James can't please every fan. James did returned to save DAYS! NBC renewed Days for another five years, all thanx to James! He got a job to do, TPTB has faith in him!

A serial killer is someone murders many people over a period of time, especially somebody who uses the same method each time.

So far, the serial killer doesn't make any sense whatsoever! The killer used a gun to kill Abe's informant and Abe, himself. Then, he killed Jack with a brick and, pretty soon, Maggie with a knife - her throat will be slashed.

A gun, a brick and a knife is not the SAME method! That isn't a serial killer at all. It must be more than one killer on DAYS! There are SEVEN suspects - Lucas, Kate, Sami, Tony, Rex, Nicole and Victor. Some believed it isn't any of them - Bonnie could be the main killer; she does have the motive to kill. I really think Nicole is the prime suspect. Abe reopened the Colin Murphy murder case; he strongely suspected Nicole. She did killed TWICE before - her daddy and Colin, himself!

James is the REAL serial killer on DAYS! lol

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