Saturday, October 4, 2003

Beer Coming To Movie Theatres?

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What in the world the movie theatres coming to? Up north, Canada's largest movie theatre chain wants to sell beer, wine and coolers in its 18 theatres in British Columbia. The sale of beer and wine is common at movie theatres in Europe and parts of the United States. Say what!?! Child, that is the biggest mistake in movie history. No man wants to hear loud rudeness at the movies. We came there for the movies, not the damn beer.

We know how people get when they drink beer. It will lead to some discomfort for the movie goers. Few years back, My ex boyfriend and me was at the movies. These two obnoxious guys was so freaking drunk that they were loud and noisy. No one had a fun time, some of us even complained. They were a pain throughout the movie. It was very hard to enjoy the movie and keep up with the movie.

I never ever want to go through that again! If people wants to drink, go to the damn clubs. That is what the clubs are for! People come to the movies to relax and have a FUN TIME! The movie goers need to make a stand against selling beer at the movies. Beer will lead to problems, like fights and sexual misbehavior; people will stop going to the movies altogether! One of these days, someone will get kill! You heard it first from me!

Do we really need BEER at the movies? I think not! I am against it. All the movie theatre wants to stay afloat. We all know the snacks, drinks and the tickets are too damn expensive! I really don't think that we need beer at all. They are doing just fine with the refreshments and the tickets.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you left in my journal! You certainly have some thought provoking issues here in your journal . I certainly can't warm up to the idea of what might happen beer, wine etc. available at the movies!

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