Thursday, October 16, 2003

Oct 16, 2003, Thursday


I didn't want to see the dentist today; no bus ride. I didn't feel like going at all. I looked at MTA and LADOT once again. Since Brian made it to class few days ago, I can do the same thing! Brian lived by my dentist. Hey, I might as well go! Now, the bus directions came to me. I left about 10:15 AM. I saw some people yelling someone at the bus stop, "The buses are not running!" What do they know? Nothing much! LOL.

I joined the lady at the bus stop, "603?" She gave me a smile. A while later, a van pulled up. We both didn't get in at all. Why risk it with a stranger? Hey, we still can get around on the DASH buses! There was no need for strangers with cars. I got off at the wrong stop; I supposed to get off at Rampart/6th. I walked to Vermont/6th, sweating like a pig. I got tired on that walk! A taxi honked at me; I declined. I don't need one at all. Hey, I might be an hour late at the dentist. Some vans stopped, "Santa Monica blvd." A few jumped in the van.

I got off Western/3rd. Lots of people waited for the same DASH bus. So, I walked up to another block. We picked up the rest; some of them were suprised to see me! Hey, I got myself a seat! I didn't want to stand. I was still tired from the walk! I walked from Gower/Santa Monica to the dentist! Dear lord, the walk drained me even more!

I saw the dentist a short while; they tried the teeth on me a few times. It wouldn't fit at all; too small. It will be another two weeks for the new set. I walked up to Gower. Taylor's cell phone wasn't working. I tried his home; Finally, I got through! I want to take him out to eat; I was in the hood! Taylor declined; he had company. We may eat out tomorrow at Noon. Well, I need to do the Dash all over again! I went straight home.

I burned up from the walking. I just relaxed. Mike C showed up out of the blue with Arby's sandwiches. We stayed cool with the AC. Mike mentioned "we're homies from Dallas." He showed me his work van; he really does work for the dead! He loves that kind of work! Hey, why not? They are dead! LOL He hated working with the public. His work beeped him; he went on his next assignment!

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