Friday, October 10, 2003

Miguel, The Ex

Ricky Martin - She's All Ever Had

I met Miguel at Melrose Spa in Hollywood in December 1999. We took a liking to each other, mostly sex. That same night, he took me to his brother's on Crenshaw; he lived with them - Mike and him broke up a month earlier. He treated me really good - the movies, eating out and others. He even gave me a CD walkman and Cher's Believe the Sunday we went to Universal Studios; that was a nice suprise.

Suddenly, he wanted to live with me. I felt so uneasy about that. I only known him for a month. I didn't want to move from Richard's behind Food 4 Less; I was comfort. He found a single apartment on Gramercy, the same street I lived with Sydney. I gave it a shot with Miguel. I can't afford the rent; I could only paid the bills and groceries. The bills was in my name.

Olga let him use her old blue car. Jeff Ward stayed with us till he get his place on Gower, my old place. We had our first fight. I supposed to pick him up from work; the car broke down on Rosemore. He took the cab home; he was drunk and mad at me. I told him the bad news; he didn't believe me but Jeff did. I felt like I made a mistake of moving in.

Throughout the relationship, things went from bad to worse - mostly his drinking, hospital, sex with other men, drugs and missing. I had my share with the men too. The times I took him to work, I stayed at the bathhouse till he gets off! Why? I was unhappy with him; he pushed me away! I got tired of taking him to work all the time; Hello, I wanted to do something with my life, but never did. I escaped him on the web, my peace from him. I can't handle him any more. I did the Old Journal on the web.

At the end of 2001, he was in a bad car accident; Olga wanted no part of him; she came around. He lost the car, the job and his apartment. I ended up being homeless, thanx to him. He moved in with his sister in Whittier. That wasn't the end of us. :-(

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