Saturday, December 27, 2003

12/27/03 Saturday


I didn't went to the movies on a RAINY Xmas, I decided Today was nice enough to go. There wasn't a raindrop in sight! Lord Of The Rings starts at 12:45 PM at the Vista. I didn't want to go alone. I called Brian; he had other plans - go to the post office, The Village and take the movies back to library with Peter.

I didn't mentioned the movies at all. He invited me to tag along with them. Peter wasn't sick from the flu; food poisoning from something. I got dressed; short sleeves and baggy pants. I called them back on the bus 4, "on my way." I walked down to their place on Gower. I dailed the code; i had trouble a few times. Brian let me in. I didn't waste any time with the movies, "Can Peter go to the library and the post office some other time." He could, but he really want to. They decided on the movies with me at 12:45 PM.

Peter made breakfast - eggs & grits - for them. I jumped in the bed and played Tetris. Peter took a shower. Brian/I talked - we can go to the movies tomorrow. I don't want them to change their Today's plans. They don't mind at all. Brian gave me a LACC pamplet; I should take some classes. Peter came out of the shower; talked to Brian in private, "let's go to the movies tomorrow." Brian told him that I suggested the same thing. We decided their plans.

We took bus 4 to The Village; online place was close. Bus 4 took us to the post office. Peter/I both wondered where our box was. We both wanted each other to show out box first. Peter got me in the corner, pretended to kiss me. I cried, RAPE! I showed him my box, then he showed his. He got xmas cards. I got Nintendo Power! Next time, the library for a few hours.

Brian went online. Peter checked out The Sopranos and a Bob Hope movie. Peter then went online. I read the hollywood trade and LA Times. After a while, I was so bored! Damn, I wanted to leave so badly. Brian noticed I was BORED. He found some intern from the web; he need one for a class. I played Tetris to beat the BORDEDOM! I easily got bored at the library! There is nothing to do.

They invited me over for supper. I declined, "next month's rent." I said, they can cook it at my place and spend the night. Peter brought up breakfast; I have eggs. We caught the bus; they went to Trader's Joes. From the bank, I went to Lucy's for a money order, 7/11 for Milk/bread & called Brian. I told Brian, "just stay home, I come over tomorrow for the movies." Then HOME!!

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