Thursday, January 1, 2004

Kurt Nilsen


Norway's Kurt Nilsen is the FIRST WORLD IDOL; the underdog beated the other countries IDOL from USA's Kelly Clarkson to UK's Will Young to Canada's Ryan Malcolm to Belguim's Peter Evrard.....

Kurt won maximum points from nine of the 11 countries that voted in the contest for his rendition of the U2 track "Beautiful Day." Kelly Clarkson was second.

I wanted Will Young to win; he was in fifth place. We can't vote for our own idol; everyone must vote for someone else.

It was truly a tight race between Kurt and Kelly; they were tied, but Kurt edged Kelly out at the end to became the World Idol!

Kurt ended up with 106 out of a maximum 112 points that were available. Kelly had 97 points.

Here's a list of how contestants in the World Idol contest finished.

1. Kurt Nilsen, Norway, 106 points.
2. Kelly Clarkson, the United States, 97.
3. Peter Evrard, Belgium, 83.
4. Heinz Winckler, South Africa, 80.
5. Will Young, Britain, 72.
6. Ryan Malcolm, Canada, 62.
7. Guy Sebastian, Australia, 56.
8. Alex, Poland, 55.
9. Alexander Klaws, Germany, 45.
9. Diana Karazon, Pan Arabia, 45.
10. Jamai Loman, Netherlands, 36.

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