Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sweetie, Darling!


I have a "Sweetheart" problem!

No, we are not lovers!

Over in another forum, I mentioned SWEETHEART to a person I know since February 2003.

She got pretty upset by that.

She mentioned "the term sweetheart could be considered a form of sexual harassment."

how can it be sexual harassment when Sweetheart came from a gay man like myself?

lots of homosexuals say, sweetheart, babe, darling and others to their friends and everyone else.

it doesn't make any sense to me!

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sweetheart can't be consiedered a form of sexual harassment simply because it lacks any physical connotation. Although an organ of the human body, it does not posess any specific characteristic in which one can percieve indentification. Such as sweetlegs, sweetboobs, or sexy_____ for that matter.

Comment from booyaaa808 - 2/19/04 5:46 AM