Sunday, January 4, 2004

1/4/04 Sunday


It was time for the bank once again. I was low with money! I took bus #2 to the bank. It was about time I got more money to SPEND! I can't afford to go shopping every week. I was POOR WHITE TRASH! I was just an average slutty cheap whore!

I went to the bus stop on Sunset/Vermount. I didn't want to go home at all. It was about 1PM. I want to enjoy my day. The new Borders bookstore was a good way to spend the day. It opened few weeks ago. I caught the bus and called Brian again. He called me back, "get some ideals at IKEA for his place." Well, there goes the bookstore! Wah, wah!

Brian buzzed the gate; I walked up the stairs. Brian hurried out of the door, "Peter is not going; depressed about money." We walked to the bus stop; I revealed that my computer was fixed few days ago. I mentioned that I need to get out behind the computer and go out more. We waited for the bus on Gower/SM.

Brian wondered why I hid the HIV status from my ex lover. The truth - I just wanted to be love; no one wants to love an HIV + person. Also, I wasn't the only who does it. I met Miguel Garcia at a bath house; we never had safe sex. Top it all, I won't get in trouble for the attempted murder. Miguel will lie to his family; "No, I don't have it."

We went online at my place. We got the bus schedule for IKEA. I was convinced that IKEA was on Hollywood Blvd. He checked IKEA web site; nope! We waited for the 603 bus. Brian brought up Pier One; Damn, that was the place I was thinking of! I was wrong; I ole him a dinner! We made a bet at my place. We got off Chevy Chase/San Fernando. We were both freezing. The bus came 30 minutes later.

We looked around IKEA. He got some good ideals for his place. Some day, he will fix up his place. He don't have the money right now. School takes up most of his time. I like the new colorful snake they had. I was thisclose of buying one and that bear again! I gave my old Bear to Miguel's niece two years ago. Right now, I would wait for the stuff toys. Brian wasn't feeling well; he was too hot from all the walking. He grabbed a snack at the food counter. I played Tetris all the way to the bus stop......Suddenly, I became a FULL FLEDGE STALKER!

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