Thursday, January 29, 2004

Gayly Forward


Gayly Forward
By Kazz Falcon

I got the "gayly forward" from my gay friend, Chris, in Dallas in the early 1990's.
After church one night, Chris was kind enough to take me home in his car.
HE doesn't know where I lived. So, I gave him directions to my place.
Halfway there, Chris wondered out loud of where we was going.
I mentioned, "Don't worry. We are in the right direction. Go straight!"
Chris said, "We can't go straight."
I just freaked out big time. I didn't noticed the road was being work on. There was no signs at all.
I didn't saw car troubles or an car accident, nothing out of the ordinary. I thought he was mistaken.
I tried to "straightened him out."
"Just go straight, don't turn right or left, just straight," I said.
Boy, he told me a whopper!
Chris said, "We can't go straight, dear! There was no way possible to go straight."
I got confused and lost even more. Hey, I thought I was giving him the RIGHT DIRECTIONS to my place!
I hoped I didn't send him down the wrong street!
"Hello, I know what I am talking about. I do live in the area. I know which way to go! We must go straight."
Chris revealed his gay joke, "We just can't go straight. We need to go GAYLY FORWARD!"
At first, it didn't dawn on me. He explained it once more. I finally got the joke.
We both laughed. Chris really had me going! It made me to freak out about "GOING STRAIGHT"

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