Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Buried The Past


Buried The Past
by Kazz Falcon
I killed someone to put him out of his miserably.
Steve was depressed all the time and there was no way out for him.
He didn't believe in suicide.
I offered to help him any way I can.
He kept on pestering me about killing him.
I mentioned that he should see a shrink.
He told me that shrinks doesn't work for him
He became more depressed
I felt sorry for him.
I was his only hope to end his unhappy life.
No one will miss him at all; he had few friends in his life.
He was known for running away from his problems and home.
Everyone figured he ran away agan.
That gave me the perfect chance to murder him in the woods in the mountains.
Of course, we waited for a while.
His friend, Tom, filed a missing person report without me knowing it.
I couldn't believe it; it could ruin our plan.
We feared we won't be able to pull it off.
Lucky for us, Steve went away for a while.
The police tracked him down in New Orleans.
Steve sent Tom an email; Tom was happy to hear from him.
Tom learned that Steve will stay in New Orleans to start a new lifeThen Steve secretly came back to LA.
Few days later, I ended his life for one and for all.
I clobbered him with a shovel, then I used an axe.
I buried him throughout the woods.
To this day, as long his friends think Steve is somewhere else, I got away with MURDER!