Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The Street Person


The Street Person
By Kazz Falcon

Am I becoming one of them?
Not in a homeless sense in a way.
These past few months, my life seems to be perfect.
I have my own place, great friends and everything.
Now, it doesn't seem I have everything.
For some time, I get headaches; I felt pain in the brain.
I don't know why I get pain.
I felt like I am losing touch with reality.
Sometimes, I have "crying outbursts."
Lately, I have less contact with friends.
I am shutting out the world around me.
I caught myself laughed for no reason at all.
From the pain in my brain, I believed I am getting some kind of mental disorder/illness.
Since then, I hardly do anything any more
I don't go to the movies, eat out, friend's house and more.
I have poor concentration too.
I can't keep my mind on one thing for a long period of time.
I tend to go elsewhere with my thought.
Also, when someone is talking, my mind goes elsewhere.
Sometimes, I don't eye to eye contact while talking.
Lately, on the bus, I always looked out of the window and my mind goes wandered.
I tried to read too, but can't get through reading the whole thing.
I go back and forth!
My mind is elsewhere.
I haven't check out the pain in the brain yet.